Christie Greeve

Residing and active in Haarlem

To understand where my inspirations originate from, I will first write about myself.

For several years, I work as a nurse at the ICU and till this day I get touched by all that happens there – the medical and social aspects form an important part that makes my job rewarding.

Moreover, I enjoy travelling. Either with my husband and three children or on my own, as I did in 2010 when I went to Ghana to work at a medical posts for two months. The human being and fascination for ethnic art form the basis in my work as an artist.

I have always worked with wool and textiles. Later on, I additionally started drawing and painting. I followed some additional art classes and ultimately completed a 5-year art program at the Art Academy in Haarlem . This resulted in learning how to express my uniqueness and interests within the forms of art, and eventually I graduated in textile objects and drawings.

In addition to textile objects I have further developed my drawing techniques. These are clear,narrative drawings that express wanderings in my mind - either through spaces where I have been or where I'd like to go.

Until this day, I still discover who I am as an artist and how I can express myself through art.